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Sunday, May 23, 2010

So the theme for these knits is stashbusting my acrylic yarns. I have entirely too much from the days when I knew nothing about yarn. Otherwise known as the days before ravelry. These knits have afforded me the ability to try out some new things without worrying that I've wasted the expensive yarn I blew my last paycheck on. Maybe it's a good thing the knitting store in town went out of business a couple of months ago.

Naturally the first thing I chose to knit was a ultimate favorite knitting even after eight years.

I knit this hat in the same yarn. They kind of make a set.

The other big project that I finished is something I started two years ago, right before I visited Krista in France. It feels good to finally have it off the needles. I gave it to my Grandmother. She loves it...I think.

That is all for now.


  1. What were the patterns you used for these three knits?

  2. Friend me on ravelry and you can see all the links to the patterns.

  3. ahhhhh that does not look like acrylic yarn.
    Ask Carl about that scarf I knit him like 3 years ago.
    That is what my acrylic yarn knitting looks like.
    What you did is simply genius.
    You should go buy yourself some silk or something for the success.

  4. Along the lines of this:

  5. what's your ravelry account name?

  6. I remember that scarf. It ended up having a big hole in it that I had to fix. Haha.

    And I was thinking a cotton/cashmere blend as a treat.

    Namboodge - I friended you. Now all the details are yours.

  7. cotton/cashmere? that's a combo I haven't heard of...intriguing.
    And yes, that scarf probably had a hole in it due to idiocy.
    Btw, do you remember that "accordion" scarf I made when I failed at doing ribbing? What the FUCK did I actually do? I found that when unpacking today though.