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Saturday, May 29, 2010


I decided that since I'm not doing anything this lovely Memorial Day weekend, I'm going to work on the scarf design that Andrew and I concocted while I was still in the horribleness that was the winter and the education program. I was too stressed and sad at the time to really feel motivated by creativity, but Andrew designed the chart and I did manage to write out some written instructions for it. Which is good, because I probably wouldn't remember at this point what I had intended it to be like.

So I busted out some testing acrylic yarn, in a purple and white, and I'm going to just go through the chart one time to see if it works. I *feel* like it should, but who knows with knitting. If you ladies would like to give it a try now too, that'd be cool.

I'll post a progress report on the laceweight soon. I finished up one of the socks I was knitting, since I was really close and it was cooler today. It's a little small, but hopefully it'll block bigger. Otherwise uh, I guess it'll be for me. The laceweight is looking fantastic though. Almost done with the 31 increase repeat section.

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