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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A little sick of this all...

I don't know why I wasn't lucky enough to have these flying "perks" from my uncle's job back in the heyday of flying standby, but all I know is that I have it now and it sucks.
My uncle gets on me every time I buy a ticket when I come home from Minneapolis, but then when I take his advice and fly standby, this happens. I have been bumped from 3 flights out of Chicago thus far.
It is almost 11am in Chicago...I have been awake since three o'clock in the morning!

I have been relatively assured that I'll get on the flight at 1pm today. I hope so. I just want out of this airport. I'm having slight PTSD-like flashbacks of the horror that was spending time in this airport before I went to France and spent 12 hours here...then flew 6 hours to Paris...then spent 8 hours in the airport there. *Shudder*...

Did I mention that when you fly standby, just to add insult to injury, they make you dress up? So I'm actually wearing nylons right now, and a wool skirt. Ick. (not even knit by me, so don't ask)

Oh and they like to overbook flights because that's fun. So it's always great to hear about who's getting a $400 voucher to take your standby spot on the next flight.

In knitting related news though, I was allowed all of my knitting needles on the plane. I've been too tired to focus on anything to knit though. I brought my Saroyan, with the Stitch Nation yarn I bought while at home to try (love the color) and the Caterpillar-Stitch Pullover that I've been working on forever. This is all part of a concerted (and by that I mean, recent, potentially not gonna last) effort on my part to reduce WIPs. By my count (in my head, not viewing my stash) I have 2 fingering yarn projects at home (shawl and scarf) this pullover, and the Saroyan. I have been really misbehaving with fingering weight yarn and have yet to complete anything with it (unless the Argyle Lace Hat counts, but that's debatable, it may have been sport weight).

Oh did I mention you have to pay $7 for wireless here? Wtf? Why is Pittsburgh, the tiniest airport I fly into, the only one I've ever been in that offered free wireless?? Get with the program Philly/Chicago et al.

Ok that's enough.
Btw...I have no classes ever again.

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