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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Laceweight progress report Day 2: Zen

So perhaps this is too early for me to start my high praising of this project...But...1.) As you can see, I more than doubled the size of this in less than a day. The thing is...
2.) Once I got the hang of working with this yarn...I kind of....really liked it.
3.) I can't talk highly enough of this yarn. It's just so...soft...and...pretty. Le sigh. I think this may be working out so well (in case you didn't see on the pattern, this is laceweight yarn, but it's knit on size six needles) because I happened to have the yarn the pattern was written for in my stash. It creates an extremely light, open fabric that is beautiful to feel (has impressed even the most oblivious of non-knitter friends of mine) and doesn't feel stupidly warm in your hands. I was so impressed, I accidently...
4.) Spent a stupid amount of money on a new laceweight yarn. I was buying yarn for Zindrizzle and felt selfish and shit and bought some for myself. However...
5.) Since it was 1200 yards, I got to have my first experiences using a ball winder. Fun! Too bad the lady at the yarn store said those puppies run around 100some dollars. That'll be a present for rich-Krista some day.
6.) Don't you wish I could get my camera to work again so we wouldn't have crappy cell phone pictures?
7.) What're y'all knitting?

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