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Monday, May 24, 2010

I will not be defeated.

In the name of all things hol(e)y I swear that lace weight yarn shall not defeat me (did you see what I did there?)

I have had no success, ever, with finishing a project in either fingering or lace weight yarn. It's truly one of the most embarrassing aspects about my knitting. I have progressed extremely rapidly. Less than a year and a half ago, I was barely remembering how to cast on. Now I'm knitting full size, fair isle cardigans and complicated lace and stuff. I have good spatial skills (thanks, GATE), so I can imagine the construction of entrelac. Even intarsia doesn't scare me, though I have yet to find a pattern that interests me in it.

But fucking lace weight yarn. I have seriously like 6 skeins of it. And nothing to do with it. I am embarrassed. I can't tell if it's just boredom. Or laziness. Or what. But it's going to end here.

Yes, clearly I have several other things that need to be finished. But before you get all "how many projects do you have on the needles, Krista?" I'll tell you that it is 90 degrees here and really, really fucking humid. So I think I am justified in abandoning this heavy sweater I'm knitting, the socks for a friend's birthday (made of thick wool--I shudder to even pick them up) and my Saroyan, also in a thick Peruvian wool.

So I think a summer cardigan is what I need. Thin, non-hot yarn. This pattern just so happens to use exactly the amount of the exact same yarn I have. In this color.


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  1. Laziness is a project killer. I wish you luck in your quest to conquer the lace weight yarn!