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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Strings n' Tings (but mostly strings)

I am glad to see that some finished objects have managed to emerge from your ADD bout; I, however, am still roaming aimlessly around the land of non-commitment. The thing is, though, that I really don't care. I just keep picking up yarn, scouring pattern sites, and casting on things and I haven't been remotely distressed about my lack of finished product. I blame it on the heat--oh damn, I haven't finished my tunic yet. As though I'd be wearing a 100% wool A-line with a long sleeve shirt underneath in 80 degree weather. Maybe when the heat is gone (literally), it'll be on (figuratively) for finishing these things up.

But in the meantime, there's no harm in taking a look at the many things that are lying around unfinished in my apartment.

First up: The Cabled Kanga Tunic. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why there are only 2 people knitting this on Ravelry (me included). I think it's one of the most unique pieces in the latest Knitscene, which is what attracted me to it in the first place. The yarn I chose was the Berroco Peruvia the pattern called for (not heinously expensive, by the way) and the color is the prettiest purple. It's practically a neutral its so muted, but when you're up close you can see the heathering of the yarn, and variations of pink, blue, and yellow come out. Gorgeous.

The pattern has been pretty easy thus far. Despite some ambiguity in when to decrease toward the top, it's been no problem. This is just the back of it though, which I have about 15 more rows on and it will be DONE and I can start the front, with the very exciting, very adorable pocket. So, of course, being this close to completing something, what do I do?

Cast on for this cowl. It's the State Fair yarn. The pattern is a lace repeat the is worked on decreasing needle sizes (8 to 7 to 6 to 5). Unfortunately the hairy mohairy-ness of it all is making it slightly difficult to keep track of where I am within the repeats, and I've had to frog some rows (the whole thing after the first repeat, ugh).

So that naturally being frustrating (though looking very pretty) I merrily moved along to this:This is my swatch for my Heather Hoodie Vest. In a freakish moment of luck, I got stitch gauge perfectly, but row gauge was slightly off. It shouldn't be a problem though, since the pattern is mostly based on measurements and blocking. In any case, I cast on for that, promptly got pissed at the cable pattern (a set up row mistake, plus lame symbols) and moved on. I don't have a photo of the scarf I've been knitting on the bus though (a post in itself) so maybe I will post that when I write about my bus experiences. Suffice it to say, another thing was in the mix. I also bought yarn/swatched for the Emerald Isle Cardigan, but my stitch gauge was way off, and that puppy is tight enough already.

Today, I am going to finish my second handwarmer, goddamit!

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  1. Handwarmer? I'd like to see that! That hoodie vest is an awesome pattern. And I can't wait hear about your experience with knitting on the bust. Hopefully no motion sickness like Stephanie Springgay's!