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Friday, September 4, 2009


So knitting time has been greatly reduced lately by the insanity that is moving. We moved into a new apartment, subleasing from a professor. However the good thing about that is that I get my own space dedicated solely to my crafting. For starters, my sewing machine is finally set up.

Here it is in all its glory, surrounded by a mountain of my acrylic yarn, 99% of which I got for free from my grandmother. Unfortunately, none of it is really worth putting any significant time into it. However, I was able to crochet Andrew and his friend two pretty sweet Renaissance caps for the festival they're working at from the brown yarn (each during two wine-filled evenings).

In any case, it's not sweater or hat or really even scarf yarn. I'm thinking pom-pom rug.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Next up we have a very special place for my actual stash, which is so beautifully remaining contained in a single tub of yarn, with my needle box on top of it (aka, the floor).

What has been knit with this recently though? Aha! Moving and unpacking also bring out things that got buried under mountains of stuff, and today's find was (*drum roll*) my first pair of socks, made of Cascade Yarn that I got in a local yarn shop during one of my "reconnaissance missions" (on sale) when I first moved here.

Naturally they're for Andrew, as I've been diligently working away on "pretty socks" for myself made out of sock weight yarn that will probably be finished some time in the next year. But I wanted to give some quicker socks a try and this is what I came up with.

I think he wears them well. Stay tuned for a tunic update.


  1. I think the pom-pom rug is pretty cool. If that doesn't use up your g-ma's yarn then you could crochet a bathmat, which is something I'd like to do.

    Those socks are awesome. I can't wait to see the ones you've been working on. I have yet to try to knit socks, but I will this winter. I'm determined. I'm planning on crocheting some first.

    Take some more pics of the new place! I wanna see how bawller it is.

  2. Haha thanks for the suggestion. I've turned into quite the fiber snob since I've moved here and feel like I'm drowning in yarn shops. Minnesota is *the* state for knitting.

    But I didn't wanna waste it because I feel like that yarn is such a cultural relic. And my apartment is already quirky and weird enough that some 70s-inspired shag like yarn rug would fit in well. I'll get some new apartment photos up and running when it's cleaner.