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Friday, June 25, 2010

Summertime ...

So a life update:
My thesis is so far, quite neglected...I've re-written the beginning 948234983 times and can't get happy with it. Le sigh.

I might....*might* getting a job offer soon. Cross your fingers for me to be the next linguist making language software.

We are just about fully moved into the new apartment. I love it. I have never taken to a place so quickly. There is just something about finally having my own own place that I don't have to move out of in a year, that I don't have to share with people I don't know very well or whose stuff is not my own. I love the neighborhood. I can still walk to the yarn shop. The bus route is super close. I live across the street from a bar and within blocks of two parks that will be used for outdoor knitting when the rain stops.

What's really been occupying my time though...
Here's Poochner. He's such a sweetie, and best of all, doesn't try to eat yarn and let's me dress him up in knitting with no complaints.

If it weren't for this miserable bout of shingles (self-diagnosed due to doctors being assholes) which is kind of debilitating in a lot of ways, I could honestly say that this is one of the happiest points in my life. Which is great because even two weeks ago I wasn't anywhere near saying that. And it's even better, because shingles goes away eventually :)

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