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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Second hand yarn

Here's my second hand yarn I bought from Savers. I usually give a cursory glance to the yarn at Savers, finding it usually to be half-used up skeins of Red Heart acrylic. However, I hit the jackpot when I was there the other day. I got two bags of yarn for $2.99 each. Only one skein was a Red Heart acrylic. The rest, while certainly used up, are all natural wools according to the burn test, with the exception of the black skein in the back, which is cotton. The yellow skein is the only one that has a label; it's Cascade 220. The orange ball, if I know my wools, is most definitely Berocco Peruvia. They're all worsted/aran. The greens/brown would probably make a nice striped hat. I'd like to make some kind of black and white striped shawl out of the others, but who knows?
Anyway, second hand rocks. We're getting all of our furniture for the new apartment that way. Goodwill just gave me a near brand new armchair for ten bucks. Hurrah!

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