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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Well, well, well

I am very sad to report the incredible lack of knitting that's been going on round these parts. The worst part is that, despite the fact that I have a pretty heavy courseload, my student teaching hasn't even started yet (I stop in tomorrow and Friday for observation and officially start Monday), I haven't been knitting like I used to. I think it's due to some sort of weird latent depressive feelings, and knitting is something I can only attack with the utmost vigor.

I cast on for the stole 2 weeks ago and haven't touched it since. I did manage to finish the back of my tunic, which isn't particularly interesting since it's only a back. I cast on and knit about a foot of a scarf for my mother, who was supposed to visit this weekend. I'd planned on going on a knitting frenzy and knitting her second handwarmer and hooded scarf. Unfortunately she's been diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis and can't come. That, coupled with me being convinced that teacher education the country over is a miserable shithole of courses that dumb down basic enough material for "those who can't do, who teach" and that student teaching schedules designed to drill it into our heads that "this is hard, you know!" without providing any kind of mental stimulation, guaranteeing that even those of us who are the most passionate will be pacified into not thinking for one half of a split fucking second about what we do. It's all very depressing, and naturally those aren't even the only things going on in my personal life leading me to not even be able to enjoy my favorite thing in the world (wine is second). I don't know where I'd be without Andrew, Emma, and Jess.

Wah wah; oooh look here's a pretty beret!
It's a little big on me, but I'm pretty sure Jenn doesn't have the freakishly tiny head that I have, so I hope she enjoys it. It's a raspberry beret (finished a while ago just haven't posted it) in honor of my new home.

Hope all is better with you, and here's hoping the sudden influx of too-much-to-do with student teaching will make me revert to my usual obsessive knitting to deal with stress. Though is that much better? A la prochaine...

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