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Sunday, October 11, 2009


After my last wah wah post, I felt unusually inspired to stop being so goddam mopey and feeling sorry for myself. So, I hustled around on Ravelry, dug through the stash and emerged determined to make the Candle Flame Cowl out of some (formerly mystery) baby llama yarn that I had bought way back in March.

I was visiting Minnesota and knew it would be risky to bring knitting needles on the plane, but hadn't heard of anyone saying that they'd had crochet hooks taken away. So I stopped over on the way and visited my friend Jenn, who knew how to crochet, and asked her to teach me. She did (though I remembered her instructions wrong, and crocheted incorrectly for awhile) and I bought some yarn with her, losing the label. Thanks to Ravelry's genius though, turns out the yarn is Mirasol Miski, which is only 82 yards per skein. It didn't work out with me crocheting it because, admittedly, baby llama is way too slippery for a metal hook, and plus I didn't know what I was doing, so it sat around until this cowl pattern/the desire to stop pitying myself came around.
Results, modified because I couldn't do the rib border the second time around:

Can't decide if I want to block it or not. I think the pattern will be a lot clearer, but I wore it last night and it's so warm I don't know if I want it out of commission for two days, especially since it'

Also, I started student teaching this past week and I really, really like it. My coordinating teacher is awesome, to say the least. Despite how crazy busy I am, she made me realize that my classes are probably not that important, and definitely not something to get stressed out about. It was very refreshing, and ask you can see, allowed me to realize some very therapeutic processes.

By the way, my mom actually has swine flu. I'm going to finish her scarf soon!

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