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Monday, October 19, 2009

Okay, okay I'm back.

So sorry for my absence the past few weeks. I just started a second job and I am just beat most days. My knitting is suffering too, which, needless to say, upsets me. I have about five projects on needles at the moment.

But before I get into them, I just wanted to respond to your posts that I hadn't gotten a chance to comment on yet.

RE: Progress

I like that cowl a lot. I prefer looser ones, which is why I'd probably block it. But if you like how snug it is, leave it be!

I'm glad you're enjoying student teaching. If you didn't, I'd be worried, since you're training to be a teacher and all, haha.

And how is your mom doing? All better I hope?

RE: Couple of tips
I had never heard of the"split-splice" method, but it sounds very useful and I will definitely try it out the next opportunity I have.

I must say, your method for estimating how many rows you can do with the yarn you have left is much more productive and efficient than my just going for the gold and hoping I have enough, just to discover I've come up short.

As for tips that I've planned on using...One of the projects I currently have on needles is a hat that I'm going to attempt to use the "magic circle" on when I have to few stitches to continue knitting in the round.

RE: Silk Therapy.

I'm sorry about your worst day ever. I don't know what I'd do in a situation like the one at the bus stop. I'm glad you had a long weekend to recover. That pattern is gorgeous. You better finish it quickly and blog about it soon after.

Next time you have the worst day ever, feel free to call me if you need to vent.

So since I don't have any completed recent projects, I'll post some old ones.

Here's a neck warmer I made for a friend of mine, who's going to grad school in England.

The stitch pattern came from a post I found on Rather than take the time to redesine the pattern so I could knit button holes, I finished it then crocheted some.

As per usual, I ignored the gauge of the pattern and ended up with something entirely too long. So instead of starting over again, I just folded the non-button hole side over until it was the length I wanted it to be. Since I used left over cotton yarn from the summer, I figure the extra layer would add to its warmth. The used embroidery thread to sew the folded edge and to add some embellishments around the button holes.

And if you can't tell from the pictures, the buttons have eagles on them. I included them so my friend can literally wear his Amurican pride, hehe.

Last is the fidget, which I actually made over the summer for myself, though I did make one last winter for a friend. I believe the only changes I made to the pattern was to have 21 stitches instead over 17 to make it a thicker and warmer.

That's all I have for now. If I ever go a week without blogging, feel free to send me angry texts.

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  1. I really like the neck warmers. They look super cozy and not too big at all. I also like embroidery thread stitching on the first one; it gives it a punk rock/handmade sorta feel that really works. And yes, I will always send you angry texts about not blogging ;)