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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm currently....

making a hat (that I will be bartering for art) and reading life of Pi.

I'm also in the midst of making this:

The sweetheart top by LanaKnits. What's interesting about this pattern (and all of their designs) is that it's knit side to side rather than bottom to top. It's all done in garter too, to make a more flattering verticle pattern. 

Hopefully, I'll get all my in progress knits done and be able to do a fashion show too. I'm also hoping to yarn bomb my bicycle, so I hope I can have pics of that up soon too.

I hope all your current knitting projects are going fabulously! 


  1. How is life of Pi? I feel like I was (thisclose) to reading it in high school and college and never did. Whoops.
    Anyway, I love that shirt, and I didn't realize it was all garter, so fail me. Have fun with the seaming though...blagh

  2. Btw--your bartering hat reminded me. Your Prince bartered shirt should be done within the next month. He's chosen a design, and now we just need a shirt from Target. hurrah

  3. Life of Pi is really good. I started it late last week and I realized today I'm almost done, I only read that fast without realizing it when I'm really into a book. I think it's the concept of being trapped on a boat with a wild animal that has me and I really wanna see how it turns out.

    I hate seeming too!

    And yay! I can't wait for the shirt!