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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Quick update

As my camera has been dead and my charger lost in my still-partially-unpacked apartment, I thought I'd leave a quick update of my knitting untilI can bust out Andrew's camera (which will happen tomorrow).

Finished projects (to be displayed soon):
  • My first color knitting project! The pattern is the Op Top and mine is knit in a maroon and white instead of the brown and white...I couldn't be happier with it and it's been fast-tracked to being my favorite hat.
  • A picot-edged scarf. I made one before, which you can see on my facebook album (for my mom) and decided I liked it enough to give it another go. I used the state fair yarn (the variegated one) which I had tried to use for about three other lace projects and it was uncooperative (llama+mohair does NOT make for a good sturdy yarn), so I decided to just let the yarn do the talking and be its beautiful self which thus required...crochet!

In progress:
Well...naturally about a zillion things, but I have decided to quit horsin' around, this is serious...I put ALL of my other projects, scattered haphazardly around the apartment AWAY into the stash, leaving me ONLY with the Emerald Isle Cardigan. Something just told me I needed this goddam thing finished, and finished soon. I re-started (OK, basically started as I only had about a half inch of ribbing done that I'd started months ago) on Thursday or Friday and finished the entire back two days ago. I've been working on the left front, which is giving me a hard time (keeping track of waist, bust, neck, and armhole shaping at the same time---not fun) and is also...dare I say...slightly boring as it's entirely stockinette. But I don't care. I'm in love with the look of the yarn and I know it's going to be great. I would *love* to have it finished before class starts up next week. I'm a little concerned about the sewing and the neck stitching, but that's what Ravelry's for.

Any quick updates from you, while we wait for my opus to be finished?

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